Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Junior Programme

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) work to ensure all young people have a sporting chance by developing opportunities for those with special educational needs and disabilities as well as developing options and making wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dancing fun for all.

We are creating innovative and exciting ways to engage and inspire all young people, regardless of their age or ability, so they have the chance to take part in high quality wheelchair dancing or wheelchair dance sport within the UK as well as ensuring meaningful activities that enable young people to enjoy being active.

We are developing activities that use innovative approaches to educational and sporting strategies to include young disabled people in a wide range of activities. On the ground we are looking and have been working with a range of people who positively influence a young disabled child’s experience of physical activity, namely teaching practitioners, county sport partnership officers, coaches, physiotherapists and volunteers.

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association has a significant focus on increasing sporting opportunities for young people with disabilities and allowing young people with disabilities far greater access to compete alongside their peers and non-disabled young people.

Through our national network of clubs, branches and groups, we deliver wheelchair dancing and wheelchair dance sport to the community and we offer bespoke training and local advice and guidance to all interested in delivering or accessing wheelchair dancing or wheelchair dance sport as an activity for their local school, college, university and youth group organisers. This will encourage greater participation by young people with special educational needs and disabilities and create pathways for them to continue into community activities and, for those that want to try, into high level competition.

We are looking to work with a wide variety of youth groups and others who would be interested in becoming an Instructor or if you are a young person wanting to be involved in wheelchair dancing or wheelchair dance sport we can look to provide an opportunity for a young person to develop skills and become leaders. See the video below to see what a difference we can make to a persons life as well as look at the case studies we have.

We are happy to discuss all projects and ideas, if you are a school or a county sport partnership or a youth group and are looking for something new and unique please call the WDSA (UK) on 0300 111 30 45 or email projects@wdsauk.co.uk.

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