Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Level 1 Wheelchair Dance Instructor

This course can be a prequel to the Wheelchair dance Instructor course or can be delivered in its own right within a care home, rehabilitation centre or as part of a physiotherapy session for elderly, disabled individuals . The course provides direct movement & music experiences and readings. The concepts, games and methods introduced can also be used as effective educational tools in teaching. Participants will be able to instruct songs, rhythm patterns and movement explorations to children, elderly and disabled.

Instructors learn the conceptual framework of music and movement and create innovative plans that integrate into groups they work with.

Participants will:

  • understand the vital and necessary elements of music and movement
  • be exposed to various forms of music, movement, rhythm and dance
  • integrate concepts of music and movement into other disciplines

This course can be tailored to be delivered in house as a 1 day work shop which cover the basics, but if you are doing this as part of your instructor course this would be a 3 day residential course. Sessions include classroom discussions/ participation, hands-on training activities and peer teaching practice.

If you want more information on in-house training or a movement to music course, email info@wdsauk.co.uk or go back to the instructor course home page or call 0300 111 30 45

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