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Instructor Programme


The WDSA (UK) instructor training programme prepares WDS instructors for their pathway within the Long Term Instructor Development model, and provides the foundations for their Continual Professional Development (CPD) within the Wheelchair Dance sport world.

The structure also promotes a holistic instructor centred approach, where the instructor is concerned with the development of the dancers and competitors technical, tactical, physical, mental and personal skills appropriate to the needs, ability, and well-being of that individual. This approach helps form the foundation for lifelong participation in wheelchair dance sport or wheelchair dancing, and is achieved through fun, unique and enjoyable activities.

These courses are not funded at the moment so there will be a charge to attend please contact the WDSA (UK) for more information or look at the links below:

 Organising an Instructor Course

There are two ways to organise an instructor course can be run Open or Closed.

An open course is where any WDSA (UK) branch or organisation have a minimum of 8 candidates wishing to attend a course and would like to host one in their own venue. The course will be advertised across all networks to fill up the additional places, but WDSA (UK) administrates the course centrally.

A closed course is ideal for any organisation that has funding and enough people to fill a course on their own. This way that organisation is responsible for administering the course and ensuring candidates are booked on, whilst WDSA (UK) appoint a WDSA (UK) tutor, and send resources.

To organise a course of for more information please contact WDSA (UK) on email info@wdsauk.co.uk or call 0300 111 30 45

For more information please download this booklet.

For other courses and general information please download this booklet.

Also have a look at our calendar of events to see if any open courses are being run in your area.

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