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Welcome to Wheelchair Dance Sport

We here at the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) like to ensure that all the events and competitions we run are open to all people in the United Kingdom.

Please find below welcome messages from:

Sue Cummings, Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) Chair.

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) has come a long way in the 6 years since it was established, and is progressing at an ever increasing rate. Over the next 5 years we plan to hold 3 National Championships and 2 UK Open International Championships which will be held at the Watford Colosseum, in Hertfordshire. Our aim is to make this venue THE placSue Cumminge to go for wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport in the UK in the same way that Blackpool is THE place to go for the abled bodied dance competitors.

Please enjoy this new website and the wealth of information held within and if you like what you see you may decide to join us we do not bite!!!

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) was set up to enable everyone to enjoy and actively be involved in wheelchair dance of any kind recreationally or competitively and we are now ensuring we do that as a strong and stable National Governing Body.

We hope you decide to join our organisation and we can promise you that the team and I will NOT be resting on our laurels, but will be actively promoting the good works of the association and its members.

Sue Cummings,

Chair of Executive Committee

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