Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

WDSA (UK) the latest charity to benefit from the Google Grant

March 1, 2013

WDSA (UK) contacted redFORGE design after applying for a Google Grant. Google’s online advertising tool “AdWords” is available for all but nonprofit organisations are able to apply for a grant and so the funding available will help WDSA (UK) deliver its message via Google’s search engine.

With their expertise, Redfordge Design took control of WDSA (UK) Google Adwords account and structured a campaign to promote upcoming fundraising events and promoting opportunities for disabled people to get involved in wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dancing.

Ruth Boyne Vice Chair from WDSA (UK) was more than happy with the help:

 “Not only have you saved us a huge amount of time because we’re far from experts but the charity will save money…  and will generate additional monies and enquiries – thank you so much!”

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