Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Membership & Instructor FAQs

 I have lost my card, how do I get a new one?

What’s my membership number?

What is the quickest way to join or renew?

Can I check how many points I have?

Can I be a member of more than one club and how do I change my club?

Can I change my address?

How long will I have to wait until I receive my WDSA (UK) card?

Do I need to send a photo with my membership application?

How far in advance can I renew?

I’m a student about to go to university but the system only offers me a junior membership – is this OK?

I’ve taken out the wrong type of membership, what should I do?

I’m at school and haven’t received a membership card?

How do I know when my membership expires?

I used to be a member through my school but don’t have my membership. I want to re-join, what should I do?

I lost my start book is that important?

I am a dance teacher; do I do an individual or a corporate membership?


What if someone pushes us to enable us to take part. Would they have to be a competitive member also to be able to come?

Those of us that need to bring carers with us do they need to pay?

What are the dates that the WDSA (UK) membership runs from and to?

If dancers do not take any membership , are they free to compete under the IWDF outside the UK at Open Championships AND at the UK Open Championship?


Questions and Answers relating to Instructors

Is it possible to circulate the main contact/team leader email for the groups so we can all keep in the loop without emailing lots of individuals?

If you are an Instructor what will your start Ranking be if you decide to compete in Competitions?

Do Instructors have to pay the £96 a year?

Will you be inspecting Groups who have a WDSA (UK) Instructor or WDSA Members?

What do you get for being a Branch member and how much does it cost?


If your question has not been answered here go onto the secure area and ask us direct or please have a look at our frequently asked question section on the website

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