Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Honorary Member Award

The below people have been named as Honorary Members of the WDSA (UK) as individuals who have made a significant contribution to the work and development of Wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dance and the WDSA (UK).

This title will only be given at the WDSA (UK) AGM or Gala Dinner and will be decided by the Executive Board and will mean that individual will become an Ambassador for WDSA (UK) and the sport of wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dancing in the United Kingdom. The title will give the individual free access to all WDSA (UK) events and programs and will be listed on the honours list below.

All members of Wheelchair Dance Sport association (UK), whether full or associate, are able to nominate individuals to be considered for a Honorary award. No one employed by WDSA (UK) may enter the awards.

Entry Process

Our first Honorary Member will be announced in 2014 so please get voting.

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