Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Competitive Membership Tedwood Club

This membership is for 16 years and under and would include:

Access to discount package deal for UK based WDSA (UK) sanctioned and run events and competitions.

  1. Access to online forum and support,
  2. Presentation of a WDSA (UK) membership card and Start Book each year
  3. Access to secure area on WDSA (UK) website with online resources and information.
  4. Access to the National WDSA (UK) Helpline.
  5. Free copy of Wheelsmatters three times a year
  6. A regular eshot of what is happening on and around the UK
  7. The support of the WDSA (UK) Representative in your area
  8. 5% off ticket entry price for any spectators to attend WDSA UK based National & International Competitions (must be paid in full 1 month before competition deadline, individuals must use unique code when booking the above)
  9. 10% discount on WDSA (UK) products
  10. Free WDSA (UK) Gift

Total cost of £15

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If you prefer to read a PDF about membership, please download it here.

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