Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)


Wheelchair Dance Sport membership is offered on an annual basis only (excluding Honorary Membership) and is non-refundable. The benefits available with each type of membership vary slightly as summarised below

Individual Membership offers great value for the annual subscription, you can choose from the below for the same price:

  • Recreational membership is for volunteers, club members, supporters and those individuals who do not intend to compete in Wheelchair Dance Sport Competitions, but may wish to take part in other wheelchair dance activities.
  • Competitive membership is anyone who wishes to compete in Wheelchair Dance Sport Competitions whether the competition is Regional, National or International.

Individual Adult


Individual Junior (16 & under)



The Corporate Membership is for all companies, charities and organisations that are interested in wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport and the benefits it can have to your customers, clients, contractors and employees.


All members of Wheelchair Dance Sport association (UK), whether full or associate, are able to nominate individuals to be considered for a Honorary award. No one employed by WDSA (UK) may enter the awards.


As well as enjoying a number of benefits when you sign up to Wheelchair Dance Sport membership you also help us ensure that wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dance has a voice with funders, partners and other key policy-making bodies.

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