Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Wheelchair Dance and Schools

Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) is striving to ensure that young people across the United Kingdom have access to high quality wheelchair dance or wheelchair dance sport in schools. WDSA (UK) believes that all young disabled people should be offered opportunities, throughout their school life, to experience dance as a competitor, performer, creator and viewer.

WDSA (UK) is looking to offers teachers and dance practitioners many different kinds of support to deliver a rich wheelchair dance experience for their disabled students. The WDSA (UK) is looking for schools that want to get involved in changing and enabling disabled students to be involved in a wheelchair dance or wheelchair dance sport. We are looking to work with Ambassadors for young people who want to take on leadership and advocacy roles as well as work with us to develop funding to reach those young disabled people who are forgotten.

If you are a school or educational establishment or a sports local partnership officer the WDSA (UK) would like to talk to you about the opportunities and shows how to work effectively on the use of recorded music, delivering a safe warm up and other areas.

 Case Study

We were asked to attend a residential school, for children with severe and multiple disabilities, to do a workshop to get the children involved with movement to music and wheelchair dance………. Read the full case study by clicking the link – Case study No 6 Karen

We believe that with a modest fund we could make a big difference to the lives of disabled students and the schools they work in. If you would like to discuss working with the WDSA (UK) on a funded project or look at how we can deliver and develop a programme for your school please call 0300 111 30 45 or email info@wdsauk.co.uk.

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