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Welcome to the WDSA (UK) media centre, below you will find a wealth of information on what is, has and will be happening in the WDSA (UK).


You can find all the latest press releases and keep up to date with wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dance in the News section

Photo Gallery

Pictures of all recent events that have taken place in recent times from the Regional, National and International competitions and other WDSA (UK) events.


Here you can find promotional clips for wheelchair dance sport to inspire more people to try the sport as well other clips on publicity the WDSA (UK) has done to promote the sport.

Case Studies

Here we have a list of all the good practice that the WDSA (UK) has worked on.

WDSA (UK) Contact for Press and PR

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For any press or media information regarding the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK), the Wheelchair Dance Sport Competitions, or the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) branches, please contact our press team:

Phone: 0300 111 30 45

Email: press@wdsauk.co.uk



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