Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Rank of Dancers within the UK

In the UK Adult & Junior (16 & under) Ranking is as follows:


Beginners or those who have yet to win any, or be placed in any competitions.


Those who have won 4 competitions (excluding Local and Regional UK competitions) and, therefore, lost their 4 lives or those who have gained their 400 points to move up from Debutante.

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To dance for your country at this level mean’s being picked by your NGB (which in the UK is the WDSA (UK)) at their selection events (where possible) which ensures that the athletes being put forward meet the minimum handicap requirements, have all their points and paperwork in order, are full members of the NGB and understand all of the rules and regulations for their NGB and the IPC.

Official Rank of Competitors in the UK

Please find below the Rank of the UK competitors as of June 2014.

Rank of Competitors

This list will be updated every 4 months or when necessary.

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