Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Schools, Colleges and High Educational Support

There are lots of ways schools can get involved and raise money for the WDSA (UK). Fund raising is a great way to increase WDSA (UK) awareness amongst pupils and their parents and inform them of the work we do.

We will support you with whatever you want to do, from a simple non-uniform day to larger events like a disco or jumble sale. We can give you plenty of support materials and everything you need to plan and run an exciting school event.

You can even combine your fund raising with an awareness raising talk. You can contact one of our local branches or contact our head office on 0300 111 30 45 or email info@wdsauk.co.uk, you can also see a case study of work we did with a particular school and around the country we can give talks for all levels – pupils, staff and parents or demonstrations.

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