Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Other Ways to help the WDSA (UK)

Shopping Online

It is the simplest way to raise funds for the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK). You shop online with your favourite stores and you raise money at the same time. It’s that easy see links

The Recycling Appeal

Collects mobile phones and printer cartridges for reuse and recycling, when a member donates the WDSA (UK) would get a donation. All you need to do is go onto the site click Recycle Now and when it asks you to choose your charity type other and then type in The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) and you help to raise some money for the WDSA (UK) http://www.recyclingappeal.com/index.asp

EBay for Charity

You can join eBay’s fundraising scheme.

Click the link below to donate or sell an item to raise funds for our charity!


Community Save

We have just registered with a brilliant new fundraising scheme called CommunitySave. It helps to significantly cut your energy bills at home and if you use it, we can get £15 donated to us.

Please go to www.communitysave.co.uk

  1. Enter your postcode, and how much you currently spend with your energy supplier.
  2. The website will then show if there are cheaper deals for your energy.
  3. Choose the deal you want, and follow all the steps – it’s very quick and simple.
  4. You will reach a page titled ‘Secure Energy Transfer’. On this page, in the section ‘Your Authority’, you will be asked the following question: ‘If you have been recommended to use the CommunitySave website please enter the organisation’s name in this box in order that we can credit them to your transfer’. In the box please type WHEELCHAIR DANCE (exactly as it is written). And that’s it! We receive money for each household that chooses a better energy deal.

There is an extra way we can raise even more money. For EVERY organisation that we refer to CommunitySave and which registers with the website, we get a bonus of 20% of all the funds they raise with CommunitySave (they still get all their money!). A good cause can be anything – a charity, a school PTA, a village group, a sports club – basically ANY organisation that wants to raise funds. Please think of friends and family all over Great Britain – lots of people are involved in clubs and good causes. Tell us which causes you have referred (they must have actually registered with CommunitySave) so that we can get our bonus!

Every Click

Allocates 50% of its gross revenue to charity each month. The sum that the WDSA (UK) receives is entirely proportional to the amount that our supporters use the Every Click website to search, relative to the supporters of other signed up charities. In other words, the more people that sign up to the WDSA page on every click and use search facilities, the more we get. http://www.everyclick.com/the-wheelchair-dance-sport-association-uk/1116988/0

Charity Flowers

They are UK’s only flowers by post service wholly owned by a charity and where all of the profits are donated to charitable causes. Every time you send flowers by Charity Flowers direct, not only are you are giving pleasure to someone special, but 15% of the cost could go to the WDSA (UK) at no extra cost to you. All bouquets are packed in a presentation box together with a care leaflet and your own personal message. The flowers are then sent by first class post and are usually delivered within 48 hours. It’s so easy to order http://www.charityflowers.co.uk. When placing a order please quote in the charity source code box WDSA for it to register with our charity.



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