Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Leave a gift in your will

When thinking about your will, we believe it is only right that you think of your loved ones first. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot also help a cause close to your heart. Leaving a gift in a will helps us to continue what we do best, supporting anyone who wants to be involved in wheelchair dance or wheelchair dance sport.

How your gift will help us

The Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) is still a growing organisation and we are developing ways to work with communities and impact on the individuals who live there. Every year in the UK there are thousands of disabled people who live in the UK that are now segregated from society and we believe that through engaging these individuals to interact in wheelchair dancing it can and will improve their quality of life and social interaction within the community.

Our aim is to make wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport open to everyone without restriction to enable a fairer, healthier and open community.

In order to continue the work we do, we rely almost entirely on the generosity of people like you. Without your support we wouldn’t be here and a gift in your will no matter how large or small will make a real difference.

How to make or update your will

What type of gift you can give

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What is next?

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