Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

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Every penny helps us make a difference to people in enabling them to achieve their own goals and enabling community cohesion through wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport. The WDSA (UK) is dependent on donations from individuals, companies and organisations.

Please help us to be there for the people whose lives have been changed by the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) and for all of those people who lives would be affected in the future, by realising that wheelchair dance can be a means to enabling disabled people to be actively involved in the community.

Your financial support will help us support more people

Here are just some of the ways you can give:

Donating to the WDSA (UK) can help:

  • £15 buys props or music for clients in a workshop session
  • £45 pays for a community session with older people or children
  • £100 pays for a group therapy to give disabled people better quality of life
  • £1000 helps fund a group to attend our annual showcase which empowers through performance
  • £6000 funds a new group for a year for disabled people to be involved in wheelchair dance sport at a local level

Plus if you’re a tax payer you can Gift Aid the donation!

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