Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Gary Edwards Becomes a Patron of the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

September 25, 2013

gary edwards

World Championship Judge, Former Dance Champion, Monaco Dance-Ambassador, Teacher of The Royal Family of Brunei and various Celebs/VIP’s has become patron of the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK) (WDSA (UK)), a charity and governing body for wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport within the UK.

The WDSA (UK) was formed to promote and develop wheelchair dancing as a sport and leisure activity across the UK and to raise the standard of coaching and competition in the UK as well as enabling those who would otherwise be excluded from dancing the chance to be involved from grass roots level all the way up to competitive.

Gary said:  “I look forward to working with this supportive charity, and the work they do to enable and grow the sport of wheelchair dance across the UK, as well as opening doors to recreation style of dancing for wheelchair users.

The difference that this charity and its official groups make to individual disabled people and the community is something that I believe not only supports grassroots but enables and develops individuals to grow to their full potential”.

With Gary on board we look forward to his experience and skills that he can bring to the WDSA (UK) and enable wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dance to be an activity and sport that is open to all and that over the next few years we develop and grow and build stronger relationships with the Dance Sport and Dance Community showing not only that disabled people can dance but that this can be developed and embedded within the general dance and dance sport community.

Ruth Boyne, Chair of WDSA (UK), added: “We’re absolutely thrilled that Gary is representing us this way. His skills and experience within the dance sport world nationally and internationally will help the WDSA (UK) to promote and show that anyone can dance competitively or recreationally whether its grass roots or royalty.”

This announcement comes as the British Dance Council (BDC) has agreed to renew its patronage of the WDSA (UK), which has meant that Gary and the BDC joins the WDSA (UK) other experienced and supportive patrons that include Camilla Dallrup, Dr Richard Wieler, Gary Avis, Marina Pusic and Philip Wylie.

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