Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Recommend List of Suppliers

Please see a list below of all the organisations the WDSA (UK) works with.

redFORGE design

redFORGE designAt redFORGE design we try to avoid jargon that may exclude clients from the web design process. We have a practical, plain English approach that works for everyone, from individuals and start-ups, to charities and corporates.

Working closely with the Trustees of WDSA(UK) and taking Spoonfed Designs print design, redFORGE design have built a fully featured site based on the WordPress platform.




SpokeGuardsSpokeGuards is a social enterprise; attractive selection of wheelchair spoke guard art. Personalise spoke guards with your own design or colour. Custom made spoke guards/protectors for teams and company branding as well as wheelchair accessories on offer.



Adam James Photography

Adam James Photography

Adam is a freelance general photographer based in Hertfordshire. As a general photographer his commercial photography is diverse including fitness, portrait, interior photography, product photography and lifestyle for printing and website content. Adam has invested a great deal of time and money into the business in equipment and preparation to cater for any photographic situation that may arise so he can give his clients the professionally photographic service they require.

Adam believes in the work the WDSA (UK) does and is happy to support the association in developing to reach its aim.


Momentum Magazine

Momentum Magazine is the newest title launched from Publishing Magazines Ltd, it is specifically aimed at the UK’s sport for disabled people community.
Momentum will provide content on all areas and levels of Sport for disabled people, from beginners all the way through to elite standard. With up to date topics and features including, upcoming events, health & fitness, coaching, how to get involved with sport & many more.New_Momentum_Logo Red



“Balanced management of a business is our core value and we believe that successful businesses have learnt to balance the needs of;

Sales / Production / Time / Finance

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and being able to balance these 4 different areas is vital to viability and growth.

Zamu offers a wide variety of accounting services, including tax and planning to get the boring bits out of the way.  Then it can get more interesting – we know that businesses that thrive use their accounts to make informed decisions.  We encourage our clients to use and understand accounts by using management tools such as cash flows, credit controls, cost analysis and business plans. We have a strong team with years of commercial experience, from family busineszamu logo fulls to national companies, brought right into the accounting world. 

Our team has been strengthened by Simon Harland ACMA, CGMA, MAAT, MILT.  Simon has joined the practice as a new partner and is a long standing member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our already existing commercial experience.”

For more information see the Zamu website www.zamu.co.uk


Claims.co.uk provide information and advice relating to no fault injury claims. They have pages detailing the claims process for common accidents such as car, work and slips to more severe injuries such as brain and spinal damage. In addition, they offer the opportunity to put you in touch with a solicitor to deal with your case.Claims logo

They also do a variety of charity work, which is detailed on their website.

For further details see www.claims.co.uk

PlayEnable Ltd

PlayEnable is an online marketplace for sports and fitness activities based in London, UK. Our aim is to help people instantly find and book pay as you go sports, fitness and wellness activities and for facilities Play Enable Logoand instructors to be able to advertise and manage their services and . In addition to the platform, we provide facilities and instructors a simple, easy-to-use system for instructors to advertise classes, manage clients and their business overall. On the Platform, you will find everything from activities from Yoga to Kickboxing, Martial Arts to Dancing.

Please visit our website : www.playenable.com

Disco Duck

Is a fun and funky introduction to dance created by an expert to develop the foundations of Dance, encourage activity and supporting the EYFS with bespoke funky music and its very own fluffy friend!disco duck logo block_rgb

Class resources are available for Dance teachers/Childminders/Leisure and Hotel chains and

individuals looking for a new business venture.

For further details please visit our website:


Make Drinking Easy Again With handSteady

How To Make Drinking Easy With handSteady. Click Here To Watch Free Video“handSteady” is a new cup with a rotatable handle. It stays upright using gravity and tilts easily.

You can drink without needing to twist your wrist or raise your elbows. Ideal for drinking in confined situations like wheelchairs.

Designed by award winning inventor Chris Peacock, handSteady comes with a unique lid and an anti-slip base.

Could this be the cup for you or your friend? Go to the handSteady website to watch a free video demonstration by Chris.



Every Nappy

Click here to visit Every Nappy for a full range of adult incontinence productsIncontinence Supplies in the UK from Every Nappy

Like many of our customers I am a carer. I care for my grandparents who suffer from Alzheimer’s and incontinence. I had problems finding the products I needed and found the existing websites for incontinence products difficult to use.

My brother is a computer genius, and he knew the problems I was having. We decided that we could create a website that was much easier to use, and to make buying incontinence products online a far better experience.

I am Jenny, mother of 3 and original founder of Every Nappy, thank you for your interest in our site.



Poole Bay Osteopaths

As the largest and most progressive osteopathic centre in the region, we are proud to offer comfortable surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere in which to treat you.

Our osteopaths are of the highest calibre, involved in teaching within the profession and to the medical fraternity, and cover the whole range of osteopathic treatment




GlamsticksThey are a bespoke, designer crutches, individually crafted for your personal use. You can either select directly from the catalogue that you can see online or I can provide a bespoke item exactly to match your own design. Bespoke GlamSticks will incur an extra £5 charge due to the extra work involved. Each Glamstick is hand-painted and individually designed and finished to a very high standard for durability. Have a look at the Glamsticks I already have online and discuss your requirements with me – you can order and pay online for one of the existing designs in the catalogue or send me an email and we can discuss any other design that you would like! Glamsticks are bespoke, designer items made with you in mind!




PortogramThey supply a range of variable speed, CD, tape and MiniDisc audio products designed specifically for the needs of teachers and instructors running group lessons. Established in 1945, we initially supplied studios and ballroom dance teachers. More recently our portable audio products have also been enthusiastically adopted by teachers of aerobics and keep fit classes. Whether it is fitness or dance, more and more teachers, throughout the UK, are now relying on Portogram audio products to help them with their classes.




FunMeFit is a NEW community-based website that helps you find ways to be more active and having fun with your family. It’s totally FREE and easy to set up a profile and get joining the community where you can make friends, chat, find new and exciting activities to do, join clubs or set up your own with family and friends.


Exercise Works

All health professionals should consider exercise as a ‘medicine’ in its own right, recommending and prescribing physical activity at all appropriate opportunities. As a preventative treatment physical activity should be recommended for many diseases as a first line treatment.

Here at Exercise Works! we understand how important exercise is in the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, sleep disorder, dyslipidaemia, osteoporosis, obesity, overweight, and some cancers.

Exercise Works! is also able to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of exercise advice for patients in hospitals or on waiting lists for operations. Pre and Post-operative exercise advice is important in a patients health status and specific physical activity support can significantly reduce the associated medical and surgical risks of elective surgery.

We are dedicated to educating and supporting health professionals to understand the benefits and the ability to give constructive exercise advice to patients.


Support through Sport UK

Support through Sport UK is aiming to do six things:-

  1. To raise awareness of the many sporting opportunities (clubs, initiatives etc.) that exist across the United Kingdom for the traditionally low-participation groups – so disabled people, older people, women, young people and people who are looking to use sport to help them rehabilitate. Currently, approx. 400 clubs have registered their details onto the site.
  2. In the long-term, to encourage local Community Workers (e.g. Youth Offending Team Officers) to link up with local Sports Coaches / Leaders and vice versa. Support through Sport UK believes that fostering such relationships will encourage sport to be used to help people who are faced with adversity (by making clubs more inclusive, by using sport as part of rehabilitation programmes etc.).
  3. To profile inspiring sports clubs and sporting events.
  4. To interview famous sports stars and unsung sports charity workers to understand why they think sport’s so great and to learn what benefits they believe sport can bring.
  5. To raise awareness of some of the more unusual sports that you can get involved in.
  6. To raise awareness of the various companies that sell bespoke sports equipment for younger athletes, disabled athletes, older athletes etc.


DotComUnity c.i.c.

DotComUnity c.i.c. is a Social Enterprise which primarily supports people with a learning or physical disability and anyone with long term conditions or in receipt of care and support services. Our site is for them and for the people around them, whether that’s family or friends, or anyone involved in their care – professionals and service providers.

At its core DotComUnity.org.uk has a simple, easy to use and completely free, directory. It covers every area of life and will tell you what exists to support your or others needs. We won’t say if the services we list are any good or not. That’s a decision for you to make, by giving feedback on services you have tried and by telling the rest of the world what you think. Empowerment’s a wonderful thing. Go on. Make a difference!


Blossom – Tumbling Furniture

Blossom is all about finding nicer stuff for children with medical needs, and as a social enterprise, every spare penny we make goes straightBlossom.Logo
Back to our parent charity, Tree of Hope.  This means that not only can you find stuff to make a child’s day, you’re raising money to fund surgery,
treatment, therapy, and equipment for sick children across the UK. Now that’s got to be good!


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