Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

Employee & Volunteers

WDSA (UK) is a growing organisation and we employ 1 office based staff who is supported by a wealth of volunteers who we hope to add to this list as the organisation grows, you can read more about what they do below.


Charlotte Bernstein – Grants Officer

George Boustred – External Relations Officer

Lin McGeough – Office Manager 

Kevin Pettifer - Research and Development Officer

Louise Sampson – Technical Officer 

Volunteer Position

Celina-Anne Martin– Social Media Volunteer

Volunteer Position


John Richards – Fundraiser

Volunteer Position

Rachel Wilson – Social Media

Volunteer Position

Emily Badvie – Tedwood Blog

Volunteer Position

 Iain Richards – Media

Volunteer Position

Mohammed Kazmi – Website

Volunteer Position

Shanil Nakrani – Finance

Volunteer Position

Professional Freelance Dancers

The WDSA (UK) through our new merger with Sardine Dance Collective has access to a number of professional freelance dancers these include

Rachel Bradbear

Laura Dajao

Laura Anne Smith

Daymien Todd

Shakti Zapata



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